WATER - the element of LIFE

This past week end was one of the craziest in my life… when it comes to activity level and movement and some MUSICAL HIGHS,
so before blogging about it, I want to return to LIFE’s inner core… at least for me who feels a very special connection to the element of water.
Not necessarily for stillness and calm but as a source, a well for inspiration, LOVE power and COMPASSION.

Moving water has always fascinated me. The thirst in the dessert …for life and LOVE and PASSION …. The essentials in life…

The power of water to carve a rock…. 

CARVE and CHANGE that which seems to be resistant to any change…

NOTHING is resistant to change.

The illusion of looking the same… when u look at the water… it has already moved and is long gone, yet it looks as if if is still there..